Custom buttons and such


I thought at one time I saw info about being able to add custom buttons the Astrobox Touch. Did this ability go only to the manufacturers? I would love to see some level of customization or personalization offered at least to Pro Users. I would love to be able to add additional buttons to my Touch screen like my bed leveling, lighting control and others.


It’s right now available to manufacturers. We do have plans to make it available to advanced users also. We need to publish the documentation after the feature is well tested.


Well… if you could use another beta tester… I’m game.


I absolutely love the simplicity and especially the UI that Astroprint and the Astrobox Touch offer. It is easy to use and just works. My problem is that it often leaves me wanting just a little bit more… like the buttons I mentioned earlier. I would like the ability to use some of the extra IO pins on my printer control board for added features and be able to trigger them within Astroprint and on the Touch. One thing that I have been thinking about is possible integration with Alexa so I can voice query using my Amazon Echo for the time remaining on a print or recieve a vocal announcement when a print is completed. Even maybe issue a vocal announcement if the filament runout sensor has tripped or a filament jam has occurred.