Custom slicer and material settings copy

Is there any way to duplicate a slicer setting?

Right now what I have been doing create a new print job choose the profile I want then
advanced and then save with a new name…

I’d like to be able in the slicer profile list to duplicate then I can edit them.

But what I really want is a way to duplicate material type along with it’s slicer library.
Also if I could duplicate a slicer setting into a different material that would be helpful.

The use case is thus: I have a filament that I have worked out several slicing profiles for doing
different types of jobs. I then load a new filament that is maybe the same material but a different
brand … basically the the old slicer settings will mostly work but need some tweaking maybe
temps or retractions etc. I don’t want to have to recreate everything again which means copying
down all the parameters and reentering them then tweaking.


So you want a “Duplicate Profile” button to make an exact copy of the slicer settings on this screen?

…Then save it with a new name and edit it according to your needs?

Yes that would be an excellent and probably the easiest first step…

If I could also duplicate a material setup (PLA) in your example such that all the slice profiles were also
duplicated that would also be helpful when starting with a new material…alternately when I duplicate a slice setting if I could not only name it but assign it to a different material that be almost as good.

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Great! Thanks. I will make a note of this in our Github page :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to have this feature, too. Has it been added to any level of Astroprint since this conversation 4 years ago?