“Cut” function on build plate

I’m trying to understand (or, at least, be SURE about) how the “cut” option works on the build plate.

(Background-) I work strictly off my ipad pro, so it’s extremely difficult to edit code, since my gcodes won’t open up on ANY app I’ve tried, and are too large to upload to online sites, and I can’t find a gcode editor on the astroprint site (point that out please if it exists!). So I went into other options on Astro to see if I could restart my print this morning by lowering the design below the build plate, cutting it, and then slicing. It looks like there’s a cut/line right around 14.2mm, which is where I need to start printing, but… honestly, there’s no information and because I can’t view the code, I have no way of knowing if that print is going to START at 14.2, or if I’ve somehow split the design into two prints, and it’s going to start on the bed, stop at 14.2, and then start over on the bed printing from 14.2 up.

Yes, it SEEMS obvious, and I’m assuming what it’s going to do is right, but where does it tell me that? I can’t find any help topics for “cut” or forum topics for “cut” or “failed print, restart” and really don’t want to risk ruining what’s already been an 11 hour print. I don’t like taking functionality on faith - prefer to have something that spells out how something works. Can’t even find a youtube video that does more than gloss past the “cut” function on the build plate.

It seems like an easier solution than trying to edit code, but maybe it doesn’t do what it seems like it does. What am I missing?