Date/Time wrong in AB File Manager


I have been using an external slicer and uploading direct to the astrobox while I await astroprint slicer updates. I notice the upload date/time on the files is wrong…I have checked the astrobox pi time and settings and they seem correct. ‘date’ from the command line shows the correct info but the AB Touch file manager shows an offset…not a big deal but confusing when the dates get offset at night…offset seems to be about the UTC offset for my location.


Is this in the touch @Darren_DeVecchio?


Yes latest Touch update…but the problem has existed I think since I moved to the Touch…don’t recall if it happened pre-touch.

And I am seeing this from a computer connected to the Touch via my LAN. When I go to select and kick off a print from the File Manager. Not sure if there is a date or if it is right or not looking at the Touch itself.