Disable authentication on LAN


Is there a setting that allows us to disable the web authentication if you connect to Astrobox (not Astroprint cloud) on the LAN (same network as the Astrobox)? It prompts me for a password more often than I would like, and since I am frequently checking the print status with my phone, it would be nice to not have to enter a password. I know some web services have a way to allow a local network (, for instance) without authentication. I just wondered if Astrobox supported something like this.


Usually people are requesting more security not less :wink: We use sessions to know if you’ve already logged in. If you keep your browser window open it should minimize the number of locked screens you see.

I will also add a task to make the locked screen optional via config settings: https://github.com/AstroPrint/AstroBox/issues/295


Thanks! I figured I was in the minority, with wanting less security. But if someone I don’t trust is on my LAN, I have bigger problems!


Yes, I think disabling this would be useful for home or small office networks