Does support still exist?

I opened a ticket a month ago for issues with my account. Still no response. Even added to the ticket twice since then.

Do you still have support team? My touch and account on the touch tell me I don’t have access to print queues and the thingiverse app on the touch gives me a QR code to scan to add the app and authorize it but all it does is loop me back to my account. No activation.

I have the VIP backer account and when I go to my account it says I have print queues and all the option there still. What gives?

This is what IU recently got back - “Astroprint it’s not under development currently, so there are no plans to add new features, just to maintain the current structure, at least in the short term.”

Well this is a feature already there… But seems to be missing now. Not sure why they are not trying to fix it.

This sounds like they are opening themselves to a lawsuit. As backers like me were promised things in our VIP accounts, and they are not providing them any longer.