[DONE] Thicker walls on holes

It will be awesome, if you added some settings to make holes and walls thicker.
Cura has Horizontal Expansion and Slic3r XY compensation settings, i desperately miss it in Astroprint.

Horizontal expansion

Horizontal expansion can greatly help you if the tolerance of the print is important. Due to the slight deformation of plastics the actual dimensions of the print may not completely correspond with the dimensions of the digital model. By adjusting the horizontal expansion value you can compensate for this slight deviation. A higher value will increase the X/Y size of the model, while a negative value decreases the X/Y size.

Horizontal expansion -1 mm, no horizontal expansion, horizontal expansion +1 mm


We use Cura 15.04. Was this feature added in Cura 2?

Hi, firstly, thanks for quick reply.

I downloaded Cura 15.04, and it doesn’t have this feature, sadly. Any plans to upgrade to Cura 2? Thanks.

Yes we know we have to but there are a few other things in front to be done first

Any update on this? I saw that i can select slic3r in Printer Settings, but i dont see “XY size compensation” settings that slic3r normaly have. thanks.

What version of slic3r has that setting?

It was introduced in 1.2.9 stable (2015-06-16)

We might have missed that. Could you send us a screenshot of it in the UI and its description.

No problem, here:
Photo: https://i.imgur.com/ueTqzQ7_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
A new XY Size Compensation option was also introduced that allows to grow/shrink object shape in order to compensate for the measured error. Supposing your holes are smaller by 0.1mm, you can just enter -0.05 in this option to get them compensated (negative sign means shrink inwards).


Thanks :blush:


It’s done! :slight_smile:

You can find the setting under “Advanced Slicer Settings” -> “Printer” -> Advanced when you printer profile has Slic3r selected

Awesome, that was fast! Thank you :slight_smile: