Dropbox Integration with Astrobox

I am new to Astrobox but I was thinking it would be useful to integrate Dropbox or similar cloud sync options with Astrobox. It would make it easy to integrate with desktop slicers by saving to a named folder that would sync and automatically print the file, then remove it to the normal archive folder automatically.
It would save the extra steps to save locally, log in to the Astrobox, and then upload and print.

We don’t have any plans to integrate DropBox as of now, but we are working on a solution to address this issue. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal it at this time because the 3D Printing gods will probably kill me :smiley:

I like the idea of dropbox integration too.

One thing I want to do that I don’t yet have a great solution for is to keep my projects together.
The new project folders in astroprint are great…they keep the project design files and slicer outputs together but I find what I also want to do is keep my source files for the design together with them…keeping it all on dropbox would be cool…though…I would actually prefer either a server SMB volume I could mount and work from directly or maybe even my icloud disk…

Even as an extra step maybe it would be possible to keep the design source files in the astroprint projects folders. While you would have to upload them and download them and could not really do much else with them in astroprint at least they could stay with the .STL and g-code files to which they are related.

Just some thoughts.

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Similar boat. I’m going to try to SSH into the astrobox to install an SMB server that enables at boot. My goal is to make the shared folder correspond to the actual folder on the SD card where astrobox stores local files. I did it on my retropi so I’m hoping I can do it here too. Hoping that Astrobox will automatically see files placed on that share, or have a mechanism to incorporate them into the APOS. We’ll see. Code something like this…