Easy way to review logs

Fellas it was way too difficult to retrieve logs from the astrobox. Unless you want me sending you my logs every time my printer has an error can we please make it easier to view logs or download them over the web panels? I’m not a programmer. When you say “ssh into your box” you are speaking programmer speak. I pay for your service so I don’t have to be a programmer. So don’t try and make us SSH into anything and for your own sanity don’t have us send a log to you every time there is a printer error.

You can simply send them to us via the web interface: https://astroprint.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025754251-Sending-logs-to-AstroPrint

I’m aware of that Daniel, but when I know my printer is the issue and it has nothing to do with the box do you really want me clogging up your tech support with my issues? It would be much easier for me to just read the logs off the box myself than have to send them to you… I don’t really see why the logs can’t just be accessible from the box like everything else? In this case I eventually narrowed down that my issue was a thermal runaway shutdown when the print cooling fan kicked on. That doesn’t seem like something that I should have to bother you guys with at all if I could just access the logs…

I see @Jonathan_Jelkin. You are right. I would consider looking at the logs in that fashion pretty advanced. We created a guide to see the logs and enabled SSH here:

Nonetheless we will add an easier way to download logs from the box to our roadmap

That sounds amazing Daniel, thank you for considering it.