Emergency stop from the cloud?

Hi, So sorry if this was already addressed, but I could not find an answer on search. My Astrobox works great on monitoring remotely. I am sometimes away from home for hours during a print, and I’m wondering, let’s say I need to do an emergency stop M112, or any other such gcode to shut my printer down through the cloud in case the print is going awry. How do I do that? The only printer controls I seem to have are for extruder and bed temperature. Is there a cloud gcode terminal interface? If so, how to I get to it? If not, how to I shut down my printer remotely?


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We don’t currently have an emergency printer shutdown option. You can cancel the print job though

Thank you Daniel! How do you cancel a print from the cloud? I only seem to be able to control the extruder and bed temperature. Thanks!!

When you start a print from within the astrobox or astroprint.com. The printing screen will have Cancel / Pause buttons