Ender 3 E3 mini not connecting


I have installed an E3 mini board in my Ender 3. Right now astroprint is not connecting anymore to the printer.
Anyone knows if this is possible that astroprints connects with the E3 mini board?

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Someone that can help me?

I can’t help you, but I wonder… (I just got my SKR E3 mini 1.2 today and need time to hook it up)

If you hook it straight up via prontrface or similar, can you connect via USB and send ANY commands?

Also do you know if you have the 1.0 or the 1.2?

Reason I ask is if you are having a USB connection issue then it may be board related and nothing to do with Astroprint. So verify that works first. Also the 1.0 boards had some issues that were fixed with 1.2. Lets hope we don’t need a 1.3! lol…

Once I get mine up and running, I’ll be able to test it but with work schedule and family life it might not be till this weekend.

I have a 1.2 sometiems it connects sometimes it doesnt. when it doesnt I cant control the printer or send any commands. I havent tried prontrface yet.

Hey hey, just wanted to bump this thread and see if anyone had additional luck ? Tijdjes123, what settings are you using in astro that get it to connect sometimes? Thanks !