Error: The device is unable to download the print file


When I try and send print files while on a different network I get this error after the parts loads 100%

Your print failed to start. Please try again.
The device is unable to download the print file

What types of things cause this error message?


Are you running 0.13(14) on your AstroBox? This problem was fixed on that release.


I’ll double check. Thanks again for the assistance.


I’m running 0.13(14) on my Astrobox and getting the same error while on different networks. The gcode files start to download, but don’t reach 100% like Ryan’s do. Everything else seems to be connected and working fine. Any ideas?


So I made the file name all one word (no spaces) sent Gcode, and printed from the cloud. Lovely.

Thanks for all the continued work on this.



oh and updated to 0.13(14)


Glad you got yours to work! Unfortunately my file name is already one word. Now the file download stops almost immediately, so I’m guessing this is a different issue?


Ok @Nicolas_Morales maybe best to open a ticket so we can take a look a your issue.