Estimated print time stopped working


All… what am i doing wrong??

I was able to see the ‘estimated’ print time when i initially set my Astrobox up… but recently my sliced files are now just showing 00:00:00…

When they start printing, i eventually get a ‘remaining’ time. I know it’s a small thing, but i’d like a ‘ballpark’ estimate of how long each print will take.
I can load these into Cura, but that means getting my MacBook out… most of my files are on a NAS drive which i connect to via the iOS app.

Any thoughts…


Are the files large? Have they previously worked from the NAS drive ?

If you don’t use our cloud slicer to generate the files, the files are estimated on the Pi upon upload, this might take a while



Sorry for the delay in responding… I’ve previously uploaded from my NAS drive or from my Thingiverse linked account. Recently any file that i upload and slice via the cloud slicer does not get a ‘predicted’ time.

I eventually get a ‘remaining time’… but sometimes this doesn’t even happen