Feature Updates Unexplained


Hi, I have just updated to the latest version of Astroprint and notice there are a few new tabs such as the ‘Tasks’ & ‘Printer Maintenance’ tabs but i cant find any information on what these actually are or how to use them?

all they have on them is to upload tasks or upload menus and no information as to how we configure,create or obtain these custom menus or tasks.

Please cna you elaborate on this a little more? or if i have missed instructions somewhere point me in the right direction to a page discussing new features and how to use them indepth.

Thanks for your hard work.



There’s nothing yet on this. These feature is mostly for units that are embedded in printers, it allows manufacturers to create their own maintenance menus and sequence ( like bed leveling and filament load/unload )

We will open this up for advanced users as well se a later date and that’s why it shows up in the general build also.

We will let everybody know when there’s documentation for this.


Any updates on this? I just installed a print ejection system on my printer, and seeing as astroprint doesn’t have support for such a feature as automatically ejecting and starting another print (yet!), this seems like it would be helpful in achieving such a thing