Filament change at certain layer

I would like to know if there is any plug-in or some way to make a two-color print with a single extruder with the help of Astroprint.

What I mean is that there is some way that at a certain height or layer, the printer stops to perform a filament change and then continues printing.

Yes, but it requires that you edit the GCODE and find the layer at which you’d like the print to pause. You can simply insert an M25 command at the spot you want the print to pause. After the pause, you can change filament and resume your print.

Okay, the problem I see is that if I use Astroprint to do the Gcode, it won’t let me edit it. Astroprint launches the Gcode directly to the printer. I understand that I can do the Gcode with Cura, edit them, and then upload it to Astroprint, but is there any other alternative than this?

You can also download AstroPrint GCODE and re-upload