Filament run-out sensor


I have a sensor that I wanted to tie into my Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. Has anyone come up with a way to make this work on Astroprint?


I would also very much like to know that!


I don’t like the idea of altering the software on the Pi, which is what you would have to do, but in theory, based on this post, it may be possible to use a simple $5 ESP8266 to talk to astroprint over the web api and do this. Simple PowerShell script for leveling bed using Astroprint API I was thinking of doing it as an application going through the website, but I think this method, while less pretty, could be quicker to implement!


@Daniel is this on the road map? And any idea if calling the api for pause while the print is running would cause any problems at all?


Yes we do plan to implement this but we haven’t scheduled it yet. I’m not sure what you mean by calling the API. Which API are you referring to?


if i make a rest call to /api/job

With my API key in the header as X-Api-Key
And in the body containing “command”: “pause”

Should i expect that a running print job would pause appropriately (and be resumable)?


Yes. I would behave as if you clicked the “Pause” button in the UI


You could get a micro-controller on wifi (i.e. esp8266) to do just that. :wink: Now, to find the time.