Filament runout

What happens if the filament runs out during a print? Does astrobox stop/pause the print? Or does it simply continues to print without extruding filament?

At the moment it would just continue to print. The AstroBox doesn’t have any way of knowing that filament has runout. As more printers start to include filament sensors, we will add this functionality as well.

Thanks for the quick reply! @Daniel

How soon will the feature be available? Optical sensors are less than a couple of $ on ebay these days and apparently some folks are able to get it working with Octoprint via the RPi3 so hopefully won’t take much to adapter it and make it work with Astroprint.

Good morning, have you implemented the capability to add a runout filament sensor to the Raspberry and manage it via Astroprint?

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@Daniel If I’m correct, you could pair something like a Particle Photon or even an ESP8266 with Astroprint cloud and a printer, then if the filament ran out, you could pause the print using the API correct? So basically, you’d have a wifi filament detector which could hit the pause button via the api…

Hi guys, i’m also really looking forward to this feature, the printers we manufacture have this capability built in, but is currently disabled

For example, the Artillery already has a filament sensor as standard. Is it possible to work with AstroPrint?

While my theory of adding a filament sensor to astroprint, it’s a rather odd “hack” that you would have to implement in a wifi enabled micro controller.