Filament Sensor

Hi everybody,

I recently saw a Filament sensor which you can add to Octoprint and wondered if this was possible using Astroprint. My idea was to use an NO (normally open) switch that is being activated by the Filament. When you run out of Filament or the Filament breaks the switch would switch to “open” and thus could pause the print. This could be really usefull when there are big prints and you can´t keep an eye on the machine all the time. I thought maybe this opition could be added in such a way that lets you connect the switch to the Raspberry Pi´s GPIO pins and you could then configure in Software what the switch should do, what type of switch you´re using and maybe an “activation delay” option so that the Printer can be configured to for example pause printing 20 seconds after the switch changed its state.

In my opinion this is a feature worth adding to Astroprint :smiley:

Best regards