File management while printing, larger video, timer


I am posting as a VERY happy Astroprint user! I have been using it for a few weeks, and have found it very user friendly. There are a couple of items that I would love to see in a future release:

  1. The ability to manage files while something is printing. I would like to be able to upload additional gcode and delete unneeded files. Prints take some time, so I tend to design and slice when the printer is busy. I would like the option to manage the queue even though I’m printing.
  2. The “printing” screen has so much real estate devoted to “Printer Temps” (lower 1/2 of page) and “Currently Printing” (upper 1/4). Personally, I don’t need that much space devoted to a timer and controls. Give the video stream more real estate.
  3. I love the timer, and would only suggest having a “Total time elapsed” or “Print start time” added to that information. I like to see how much time is left, but would also like to be reminded as to how long it has been printing.
  4. Having some additional “live” information regarding nozzle temps, bed temps, etc. I have made PID tunes and would love to see how steady (or not) my temps are now.

Again, no complaints here, just suggestions! I really love this software.


Thanks @Tom_Rueckl, much appreciated. These points are noted and will be addressed.

I would LOVE to see this as well

+1 for larger video.