Files uploaded to Astrobox show 'Not Matching Your Creator Pro"

This has only cropped up recently and I can’t fathom what I have changed or broke to cause it! Astrobox is setup with Flashforge Creator Pro as the Printer model and X3G Sailfish / Makerbot as the Driver.

When i slice files with Simplify3D, configured for the same printer, they upload Ok but are flagged as “Not matching your Creator Pro”. I can still select them and they print fine despite this but it’s bugging me!

Any pointers appreciated :slight_smile:

This is caused by uploading a file directly to the cloud or box AND having set a printer profile in the AstroBox printer profile settings.

We don’t have information regarding what printer this file was sliced for so we mark it as not matching your AstroBox printer profile settings. It’s only a warning, and it’s not new.

Perhaps it’s the first time you try to print a file sliced outside or it’s the first time you had told the AstroBox which printer it’s connected to…

Ah thank you, suspect I must have added a printer profile when I setup a new after the SD card failure - thank you.

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