Finding MAC address for Raspberry Pi 3 B


Hi all,
I’m a college student, and with that comes internet constraints. We have a packet fence website to register gaming consoles and other various MAC addresses. Anyhow, I got Astroprint on the pi and it works with the local hotspot it creates. But to get it on the internet I need to either hardwire in (ethernet) or connect to the wifi, which all I have to do is register the wlan MAC address with the packet fence. But I’m having trouble finding the MAC address of my Pi. So any help is appreciated, I am a beginner when it comes to the raspberry pi stuff, so I just need a little extra help. Thanks!


I connected mine via cable to start then my router showed the mac address and ip on the network in my router dhcp tables. Then i could web in and config my astroprint wifi settings. But, this is on muy home network. I’m not sure about in your campus setting with the packet fence. :frowning:


Connect an HDMI monitor and USB keyboard (or SSH if you know its IP address) then run:


The Mac Address is showns as HWaddr in the output. You want to look at:

  • eth0: Wired interface
  • wlan0: WiFi interface


Does this require installing NOOBS?


No, You install the image from here:


The login and password would be what?


If you haven’t changed them, they’re the same as with any raspberry pi:

username: pi
password: raspberry

You should change this


Ok, never mind I figured it out. I didn’t know that the password doesn’t show up when you type it in. I got the addresses, thank you so much Daniel. Have a good one!


Ok, how do I do that?




There are options there to change the password