First Print - Rostock Max V2

I tried AstroBox last night after configuring it on my Raspberry Pi. Had to do it twice, somehow it got lost looking for my server, second load it worked fine.

I set up my printer with the setting options and proceeded to do a print after I played just a little with the slicer settings. All I can say at the moment is WOW, it did a really nice job for a first print and I am now doing another one just to prove it is working so well. It is displaying it on my iPad air and I will eventually get it working on my Mac. I have got the Raspberry Camera to hook up and try the photo thing when it stops printing long enough to put it on :smiley:

Thank you very much for giving me something else to fiddle with, it can only get better from here on in…


I believe that the Raspberry Pi camera isn’t supported, you might have to look at USB camera options.

We’re getting closer to having the camera supported out of the box. Check this thread Raspberry Pi Camera Support [SOLVED]