Flashforge and Makerbot models wont load in octoprint plugin

Hi there,

In octoprint astroprint plugin, when I try to define my printer profile, I can pick from any brand but not flashforge nor makerbot as their models list wont load and thus stay empty.

On my astroprint account, I connected the above flashforge creator, and I suppose that the reason it fails is it wont send x3g files unless the profile is set in the plugin.

I also connected my second flashforge (pro) through my octoprint gateway, and I can properly print on this one.

I checked if there is a way to associate a profile to the printert from astroprint manager account but failed to find one.

It looks like a bug to me? Any help appreciated. A workaround would be nice as a start :slight_smile:

EDIT: I also tried sending gcode instead (as it is the way to go if octoprint is feeding the print) but then it was printing over the air, and immediatly (no heating). When I load the gcode made in S3D it print fine.

This is because those manufacturers have no models compatible with octoprint in the AstroPrint platform at the moment.

The flashforge and makerbot profileS in AstroPrint are meant to produce X3G code directly which octoprint can’t handle but the astrobox can.

If you’d like to use octoprint you need to create a custom profile to produce GCODE and then install the x3g plugin in octoprint.

This is a crystal clear answer :-). Thank you!

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