FlashForge Creator Pro - Use Left Extruder?


Cant figure out how to select the left extruder for printing. Is there an option in the slicer to select the extruder?

Any help is appreciated.



Check out this recent post…


I tried your suggestion from the post referenced and updated my start and end gcode in the printer profile to exactly and only those in the post.

I can confirm (like others in that referenced thread) that it does not work.

AstroPrint continues to try to use the RIGHT extruder.

Any one have other ideas?


Just some silly question. Did you re-slice the model after the change ?


Yes. I did re-slice it after changing the printer profile. Continues to try to print from the right extruder.


Same here, actually worked couple of times but not anymore… update broked it perhaps?


Can you try this again? We think that we have found the problem and fixed it.