Frequently short stops during print results in blobs



i have a Fabrikator 2 mini printer and facing ugly blobs in my prings due to frequently short stops right during printing.
Half a second or sometimes longer the nozzle just stops during movement, then it remains the line and finish the layer.
Sometimes i have stops every couple of seconds without any visible reason.
This is no layer switch or so, it is right during the print of a circle or whatever…nozzel stops, take a brake or so which ends up in this ugly blobs all over the print.
It is definitly no retraction issue because there is no retraction in the middle of a prining line. I guess it is kind of waiting for data or too much data?
I have Astrobox installed on my Pi and my printer is connected to it via USB Cable, is there a way of getting the stops away?

Any ideas if it is an:
#) slicer issue?
#) Astrobox issue?
#) Pi performance issue?



Check this article out. A lot of the advice here could apply to your situation also:


sorry to say, but its not the cable or any of the points in this link.
I guess it must relay on low performance of pi,or does have astrobox problem with simplify3d generated gcodes?
Definitly the circles are the problem, if i print a pipe then i have blobs all over the part…


Which Rapsberry Pi are you using?