Get Started as a Regional Coordinator

Who should be a Regional Coordinator?
People with connections at medical facilities that need Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) or other medical equipment that can be made by the Maker Community. Your role will be to find and coordinate many other makers in your area, and also to schedule pickups and deliveries of completed parts to the proper medical facilities.

How do I Get Started?

  1. If you haven’t already, fill out the Google Form here:

  2. Once we process your info, we’ll notify you by email that your Cluster is ready to roll.

  3. Watch the three videos on this page (less than 10 min total) to learn how to get set up effectively:

  4. If there is no forum topic about your area/city, open a new post edited as : City - Region - Country and share in the original post your cluster :

  5. Start inviting Makers/Printer-Owners to your Cluster from social network or instant messenger such as FB, Reedit, Telegram…

Let’s get our printers to work!