Getting “slicing failed” on AstroPrint OS X Mojave

So I’ve installed AstroPrint, and tried to slice a .stl file, but keep getting a slicing failed error. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled it several times but keep getting the same error. Can someone help? Thanks!

Slicing in general works fine on OSX Mojave according to our testing. Perhaps there’s something with your STL or the settings you’re using.

I can’t even access the custom slicer settings in the settings tab.

Can you send screenshot?

Here is a video with the problem I’m having:

Thanks for the video. This is an error that we would look at but I also noticed that you didn’t change anything in the settings. Have you tried changing a value and / or using one of the pre-defined ones?

I’ve tried predefined and custom settings with the same results. I’ve installed it on an old (2011?) MacBook Air with success, but using it is incredibly slow almost to the point of hanging.