GUI and Web Interface on ABT freeze up


Thought I would throw this out there, but my Astrobox Touch seems to suffer from a problem where the touch screen just freezes up mid print…the printer continues and will complete the job but the screen will just stop refreshing at some point…when the job completes the screen will still show 50% or some other remaining percentage and never change. About half the time I can get the display to respond but sometimes I have to force boot it…or use the web interface to reboot.

I have also seen this on the web interface from my computer…sometimes it will just stop and it takes a few refreshes or clicking around for web browser to show the correct state…

More of an annoyance than anything but if I can help trouble shoot let me know.

Also of late (and I keep my ABT up-to-date)…my USB cam has become flakey…sometimes it will
work other times there is no video…almost always I can get a single shot but updates are erratic and other times I just get nothing on video…I am using OSX (Safari and Firefox) but it recently had been working well and I thought finally video support for the Mac as here…but last update or so it started getting weird.

Tried all the usual things like reboots and checking connections and hardware (cam seems fine and others show same problems). I suspect some sort of USB thing with some print stuttering and buffer under-run or wifi thing as when printing I sometimes see errors flash past the ABT screen but they seem internet connection related…which is weird as the printer, ABT and router are all in the same room…but since print ultimate finish USB doesn’t seem like the whole issue.


Hi @Darren_DeVecchio,

Please send us logs so we can inspect. Also some questions:

  • How long into the print (time) does this usually happen? Do shorter prints usually complete normally?


I’ve not had this happen since the last update…but that may be because I have not done any overly long prints. I will keep an eye on it…I expect I might get into a longer job this weekend. I will clear the logs before I print…do you need the serial log or just the standard ones?

Shorter prints do most often complete but even a few of them have hung up on occasion.


It’s happened to me too. Haven’t printed in a few days. Not sure when it happened last. Have a print running now, will let you know if it happens again.


Logs have been sent. Sorry I forgot to clear the before this print. This was a fairly short pint maybe 30 minutes. Display stopped updating at layer 15. Attached photo was taken several hours after the print completed.


Had several more freeze ups after the one I posted…similar but slightly different pieces…oddly most seemed to stop at layer 15…wonder if it could be a screen saver or some other power save after no contact function of the raspberry GUI?


Have had a couple of successful prints with no freeze. Could it be gone?


We have fixed issues that could have caused this. Finger’s crossed :wink:


Well I got home last night and the print I had running was done but the abt was frozen on 270 of 324. So it’s apparentky not fixed completely yet. I used the keyboard and hdmi monitor I have plugged into the abt to drop into command line and reboot it.


Could you send logs please ?


I just sent them, but I had to use the built in feature. I referenced this post.


I just updated to the latest release of the ABT interface…12(5)? I am not sure as a print is in progress…

My first print suffered from interface lockup…this time it was different…the remote computer seemed to show completely outdated info…like the print had not even started…refreshing didn’t help. At the Touch the display seemed correct and responded to touch commands but an effort to cancel the print failed, the print didn’t stop and after that the interface died…had to power cycle the PI get the printer to stop.

WebRTC seems to also be broken…video results in errors (Red WebRTC banner)…


What you described seems like a connectivity issue. How’s your network setup? how is box connected?

BTW between 0.12(4) and 0.12(5) there’s only a fix with external USD drive detection


connectivity is pretty good…router is in same room with ABT and computer is near by. Computer has no problem with web sites etc. The fact that the ABT itself will not respond after first button touch to cancel seems like more than network but possible interface gets bad if connection to Web fails…

I have had the locking GUI before obviously…just wanted to mention that the latest version continues to have similar issue,the computer loosing it was new and maybe an isolated incident…I will see if it happens again.


I had the Astrobox webUI freeze on me today part way through a print (on a 7" Pi screen attached directly to the Astrobox).

In recent weeks I have been noticing similar behaviour with live screens freezing on Repetier as well and I am thinking there has been a change in the later Marlin firmware builds which is causing this. Maybe unrecognised characters being passed back to the Pi during printing. First time I have ever experienced it using an Astrobox.

The print completes no issue, but the connected screen just appears to freeze.


As a data point I use Repetier Firmware. Rev 1.01


If the print completes, it’s likely not related to comms issues. Please send us logs (using the browser ui advanced software settings ) so we can see if there’s something useful.


I’m having the same issue. I’ve seen it several time. I’ve also had it where the printer listed something like 78k layers to print for a small print


These are two separete issues:

  • the freeze we’re investigating but none of the logs sent have any useful info and it has yet to happen to us. It happens to a very low percentage of our users which leads me to believe that is something related to their environment. Not to rule out a bug in our software but perhaps one that only appears in certain specific conditions that we have yet to find.

  • the layers is likely due to a fault in the GCODE analyzer. Could you open a ticket at so we can ask for more information and get to the bottom of it?


I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s repeatable. it’s seems random when it freezes. I start prints from my phone, PC, and astro touch trying to keep track of what i do when it happens. i’ll keep you posted on the results to see if it’s repeatable. also if you want more information on my hardware/ software let me know i’ll do what i can do to help.

Ticket submited