Had my first mid print shutdown, and


Well, woke up this morning to a half printed sheet of parts. Sad face. I have my Pi powered up using an old phone usb charger I had laying around. After reading these issues are usually related to power, I’m going to pick up a 5.1v 3a power supply after work. Hopefully that’ll be the end of that issue. I’m going to grab a fan for the Pi while I’m at it.

Also had some intermittent camera issues yesterday while I was not on my network. About 50% of the time I tried to refresh the photo it would error out, and the other 50% it would refresh. Are there any likely culprits on this issue??


Yes, the power supply is very important to avoid these things.


If you have a screen connected you will see a yellow lightning bolt that indicates low input power.


Yes and also a blinking red LED on the Pi points to inssuficient power


I threw on the 5.1v 3a power supply with a little button switch. Hopefully that’ll keep that issue from popping back up. The machine is on it’s second 4 hour print right now and so far so good. I’m really digging astro thus far. I can’t think of anything I’d have wanted to do with it that I haven’t been able to.