Have to enter login credentials after print/reboot?

Having yet another weird astrobox issue. After a print finishes/reboot I have to manually go to each box IP and click the rocket logo, then I have to enter my login credentials to get my boxes back online. Is anyone else having this issue? Not sure if this is related to the previous issue I was having where boxes wouldn’t sign back on after prints. Maybe i’m the only one constantly having issues with astroprint?

No @Jonathan_Jelkin, you’re not the only one with this one. Server maintenance ( coupled with a bug in the AstroBox software ) caused boxes not to automatically reconnect. It could be that your boxes were “kicked out” during the maintenance window and weren’t able to automatically reconnect. It would have nothing to do with a disconnect after a print but could appear as such.

Update your boxes to 0.20(4) to get a fix for this.