Help flashing latest firmware to Astrobox V1?


Trying to upgrade an old V1 white astrobox that has only been accessible via IP address on home network. This is a PCduino board. I currently have the board up with astroprint V 0.1(8). But i’m unable to sign in to my astroprint account. I’m also not sure how to load new firmware via an SD card. I downloaded the latest astroprint version and flashed the image with Etcher, but it doesn’t seem to load anything from the SD card, just runs whats already on the board? How do I get it to load from the SD card and start a fresh new firmware install?


Hi Jonathan,

We unfortunately don’t support the pcduino boards any longer.


Thanks for the reply Daniel, I have a spare Raspberry Pi v1 laying around, is that still supported?


That should work though it will run slower than the 3s