Help! My Astrobox will not stop dropping the hotspot

My Astrobox I built using a Raspberry Pi 3 model B v1.2 worked fine yesterday. I set it up, and did my first print. Then, I moved it to a different location with new internet. I put in the password, and then lost browser connection. I tried later, and lost the connection at random. I was able to control my printer, but when I try to connect to the internet, it loses connection. The hotspot shuts off every time this happens. I wait, and the hotspot is back. Without connection to the internet, I can control my printer and print. But at a max of five minutes time, in between that time, it will lose connection. Now, it is not creating a hotspot at all, but I don’t want to pull the plug because I already did that once and I don’t want to damage the Pi. Sometimes the hotspot drops before I even login! Please help.

Note: the previously connected WiFi is a few houses(5 or 6) down my street. The connection I have up here is pretty good.

I would recommend unplugging the dongle and connecting the box to a wired network. Then using that go into the Astrobox UI, delete previous connections and connect to the new WiFi