Hi i love astro print and would like to know if this printer is compatible with the system

The printer is monoprice 230 dual extrusion. Their new one. Here is a link.

I want to know if i can use the cloud service for it with astrobox after all it doesnt as well as i know of accept gcode but xg files please help i still didnt buy the printer but thinking of getting one

Thanks @eitan,

We haven’t tried that printer. Do you know what firmware it runs or what software do they recommend?

The supported software is mp flashprint. I really want that printer but if its not compatible with astroprint its not worth it and btw if you didnt test it you should really update the compatibility list you created on your website on the monoprice’s printers line to not all models since i was close to almost buying that printer based on that statement that all monoprice printers are compatible. At least test it before

It appears thar Monopricd has changed supplier and now ships with FlashForge’s proprietary firmware which we’re not yet compatible with.

This wasn’t the case in the past, thus the statement on the compatibility page. We can’t possibly test all printers and we’ll be moving to a different compatibility approach in the near future.

Thanks for the help. And what about the creality cr-x double extrusion through one nozzle. Is this one compatible with astroprint? Thanks again.
And if yes. Is it the same profile as the cr-10?