Hi I'm new, can't wait to get started


Hi I am new to Astroprint, I am researching how to install it on the Rasberry Pi 3 B. I own a TEVO Tarantula printer and I enjoy customizing the printer and building new projects.
Looking forward to learning more as I go. There will be lots of questions… hope our guys are patient.



Newfoundland, Canada


Welcome @Chris_Stoodley!

Be sure to follow this guide.

Although, I am not sure if we are entirely compatible with the Tarantula. Search this forum a bit and you’ll find a couple of people who has the same printer.


Thanks for the reply, I am going to buy a promoted kit on Amazon with the 16Gb card, power supply, case, wifi dongle and, most importantlY the 3.5" touchscreen.
I am building an enclosure for the printer and plan to install the screen in that.
Looking for more details on confirm Gu ring the screen to work, details are thin it looks.


Great. Keep us updated on your progress!