Hi, i'm new here

Hello, I am new here. Two weeks ago I bought an Ender 3 v2, yesterday I printed my first print. It was terrible but I was happy to get it printing(I apparently messed up on the installation), a bit of a learning curve for me lol. After using all the ‘junk’ filament I finally printed my first decent print and had to share. I am in love with 3d printing and I know close to nothing, so if there are any tips anyone has I would be happy to read them. Right now everything I have is stock, so any additions would be appreciated. I did order a metal extrusion part, an extra motor, a xm-1 silent fan, tools and cleaning supplies. Is there anything else I should pick up? I run a chromebook and had a difficult time trying to get Cura, but I am on Astroprint and I really like it, I signed up for premium and it seems it is great for me right now. I am on my fourth print and so far so good. I did have a question about supports, I keep reading about the different types, I want to print a 6in figure, any help on how I should set up the slice. Thanks a lot!

use cura to slice…
Im pretty sure astroprint is dead… look in to octopi

OK, I will check it out, Thanks!