Hot End temperature not reading on Ormerod 2


Am not getting any temperature readings back from a Ormerod 2 for the hot end. Bed temp is working though.

Am running v0.8(3) on a rPi2.

Any ideas?



Activate serial logs from the advanced settings view of your astrobox UI. The. Use the printer for a bit and send us the logs.


Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the reply. Logs done as requested - hope it worked ok.



By the way, I can read the hot end temperature ok by sending M105 from the code console.

But there are no readings on the machine control or the monitor console for the hot end. And setting the temperature also doesn’t work.

(and the Ormerod’s own web interface all works fine, so not a printer issue)



Please enable serial logs and resend. The logs you sent didn’t contain information about the communication with the printer