Hot end temps unstable using Astrobox touch

My Robo3d r1+ had a thermistor wire break while printing. Changed thermistor and now I have a fluctuation in hotend +/- 20 degrees which pops a temp error. I have one at a time changed the Arduino, ramps board, hotend cartridge and then another thermistor. I also performed a pid adjustment, and temp still rises 15 above setting and then drops 20 degrees for about 3 cycles resulting in error. I even tried restoring my software on the astrobox and had the same results. I went back to the desktop version of Astroprint and once temps stabilize everything works fine. Should I just wipe the sd card and start fresh with a clean install?

I can’t quite see how a host software like astrobox could make the hotend unstable. We simply send hetup commands and take temp readings

Perhaps enable serial logging, create a ticket with us and send us the logs so we can see what might be going on.

I am a puzzled why it doesn’t stabilize through the web interface as well, but will do as requested and submit a ticket along with the logs to assist me in troubleshooting.