How do I assign profiles to printers


It looks like Astroprint might be adding the ability to associate printer profiles with printers, so that only “matching printers are offered as a target” (this is a feature I requested).

I am seeing this message when print a file: “We couldn’t detected your print file printer profile.
This is because it was sliced with a custom printer or with a external slicer.

My question: how do I match the device? I cannot find anywhere that I can alter a setting to make this message go away.

Also, the English Grammar is not good. May I suggest “We could not detect the printer profile for this print file” and “4 Un-matched devices”


Thanks for this. The copy is now fixed.

In order for us to “match” a print file to a printer we need two things:

  • Know which printer model the print file was sliced for. If you slice with our slicer, this is done automatically. If you upload a GCODE, you can still tell the system by editing the file in the design library.

  • Your AstroBox needs to specify which printer model is connected to. This is done in the AstroBox’s printer profile settings. This is a feature that we added in the latest release.

I hope this helps