How do I display on Raspi Pi Touch screen?


Hi, Thanks for the join to Astroprint Forum and Print service.
My question which may have been covered before but cant find, there are 2 minor issue I have.

  1. On login it s telling me to put in browser but mine will only boot with my IP of
    is that anything to do with the WiFi on the Raspberry Pi or do I need a USB Dongle to make this work.
  2. How do I get the 3.5inch display to work on the Raspberry Pi do I need to Sudo the LCD35 which I have the script for Raspian install…

Most Grateful for any help
Regards John


Hi @John_Marshall,

  1. Only if you have the additional dongle and are accessing the system via its hotspot. Otherwise the IP would be whatever your router assigns to it. The dongle is only needed for ease of installation, since you’re able to get its IP address, you don’t need it.

  2. We don’t support touchscreen on the AstroBox Gateway. You would need this: There’s a DIY software-only version that can be purchased here: