How do I get my camera to work?


Hey, I’m really clueless on anything about programming raspberry pi in general, so i need someone to walk me through this please. Anyways, I just set up astrobox and it works beautifully, but I’m trying to set up a camera. I have the little pi cam v2 and an old PS3 eye, but neither seem to work. I’ve seen some pages on the forum that involve editing the program but I don’t know how to do any of that, so someone please help me out


I have go exactly the same issue.
Any ideas?


I believe this is a bug in the latest software. I had my dynex webcams working great in previous firmware versions. Then last version my video stopped working and I could only get photos. Now on the latest firmware I only get black.


@Jonathan_Jelkin, Is this black behaviour on the monitor app at We just deployed a fix that was caused by wrong rendering of the view. The photo was there but it was covered by black.

Please reload the page, try again now and let us know.


Hey Daniel yes it was in the app and yes it looks like its fixed now. I am still only getting black when I try the video feed though?


Some questions to help us with the video problem:

  1. What browser / OS combination are you using?

  2. Does the video work using the the AstroBox web UI (not

  3. When the screen turns black, does the video button turn into a square (stop video button)? If so, how long do you wait for the video?

In some cases, the video connection might take a while to get stablished

  1. Mac OSX, Google Chrome (just tried on safari see below)

  2. In chrome video DOES work through the web UI (on safari it does not work and says Video Error and goes to static)

  3. On chrome the video button does turn to a square stop video button. Now I waited for about 2 minutes and it eventually did show video. I’ve always closed it before. I dont think it used to take that long to show when I was on fast home wired internet? (on safari the video button never switches over to a stop button, just doesn’t seem to work at all on safari)

Side note. On the monitor page where it shows the 3d model, print time remaining etc. Would it be possible to have that update every 5 minutes or so or whenever you open the monitor page to the latest view from the camera? It has the model name already listed so i’d be more curious to see the view of how the print is going than the 3d model.

Thanks Daniel!


The technology that we’re using to live stream video over the internet is not yet supported in Safari (Apple has indicated that support is coming). More information here:

Regarding the automatic update of the latest picture: If you start a timelapse of the print, the behavior that you mentions already happens. You can start a timelapse capture with these options:

As a bonus, you can then share your timelapse video, if you’re into that :wink:


We have discovered the problem with the PS3 Eye. It doesn’t like the automatic framerate detection and it needs to be told which framerate to use. This is the same as the raspicam.

We’ll fix that in the next release but in the meantime, you can get your camera to work by selecting the “Raspicam” driver in the camera settings screen.


How do I access the camera settings screen? I have googled it and can’t find any answers.


Yea This!!! I cant find shit either.


I actually found it. Go to your Astrobox ip login and go under settings. That’s where they are.