How do I trigger a pause at a specific layer?

Previously, I’d have a neat little snippet of gcode I’d drop in just after a specific layer change. Made for a seamless change to another color of filament, or let me drop something inside the print. Bonus was that I didn’t have to babysit the print for it, either.

It only worked when printing from the sd card, though.

Once I got astroprint set up and working, my neat little snippet didn’t work anymore since I didn’t use the SD card on the printer anymore.

If there was a way to tell Astroprint to pause at a specific layer?

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You can always edit the G-Code then re-upload it but I would vote for this feature for the same reason…I would like to see a pause (and pause code box so I can have the extruder move out to the way) and I like it to be both layer or better yet Z mm based as sometimes I observe the layer number is not always what I expect. (seems like my model starts at layer 2 if there is a skirt)

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For my purposes, the pause button has pretty much the movement I want at a pause point… the issue I’m experiencing at the moment is that I can’t figure out which gcode function actually makes for a pause in the system.

Wait, scratch that, M0 just demonstrated itself to work. Seems to have the same function as hitting the pause button… hmm… seems to have the extruder going VERY slow after starting up again… >< Testing M1 now. I’ll know in fifteen minutes… :stuck_out_tongue:

Did this work out for you? Need a way to automatically pause at layer for some new designs I’m working on.

Im also just up against a small project that i was hoping to make two toned with a layer pause for filament change. How to do this in astroprint?

If i download the gclode, splice the m0 in then run that gcode, how does it know to start back up after i change out the filament? I dont see any if/then or pause for x seconds type of options.

Ive gotten to love my astroprint box via Raspberry Pi and wish/hope it could do this.

Thanks! Steve

M1600 maybe. That should work.