How do I use a any webcam with Astrobox


I have a pictek action camera, which I got primarily for time lapses. It has a timelapse setting, but max 5 secs framerate. It has the functionally to work as a usb webcam.

This I have tested with a RPI and fswebcam, and does work.

No cameras appear when I scan for cameras on the RPI running Astroprint?


Here are the cameras we test with:


I had found that, but I wanted to find out if it was possible to use any other cameras? (which probs would require tweaking)


If your camera is Linux compatible, yes, it can likely work.

The issue is, you’ll have to figure out how to load the proper drivers etc. via the Terminal (after SSH’ing)

Since there’s so many cameras, it’s hard for us to give directions on how to make them all work.


Is it possible to set the timing of a timelapse to say 1 image per minute


Yes, when you start a print, there’s an option to set timelapse frequency right below the image on the left.


That’s amazing, Is it possible to stream to youtube or twitter?


We don’t have live stream yet but you can share your timelapse video on YouTube (or facebook) from the Print Capture section at