How do you set the AstroBox to a fixed IP address?

I have an AstroBox running on a RPi3 on my LAN via WIFI using the built in WIFI (no additional dongle).
My LAN is a Smoothwall firewall connected to a switch. The WIFI is set up as a router and is connected to the switch.
From my W7 desktop, I can connect to the AstroBox using http://name.local but from a wireless device (Android phone / W7 laptop) this will not work and I have to use the IP address which is always changing due to DHCP (running in the Smoothwall).
I would like to give the AstroBox a fixed IP address but don’t know how.
Is there a set of instruction somewhere that can step me through this?


You would need to configure network at the OS level using the command line.

  1. Enable SSH:

  2. Follow the instructions here to set the network manager to manual:

  3. Configure your network to use a fixed IP address. The example of the above article describes the most common example of connecting to a hidden WiFi requests but you can find many examples online on how to configure fixed ip address in rapbian.

  4. Disable SSH

Another option…

Smoothwall, just like other firewall software should be able to set aside IP addresses to be assigned statically.

Via: Services > DHCP > DHCP server

Assuming Smoothwall is providing your DHCP services, you should be able to set aside a range of IP addresses to be static, like - and have your pool of dynamically assigned IP addresses start at (or something similar.

There should be a section to Add a new static assignment that allows you to map a static IP to the device’s MAC address. You should be able to copy the MAC address of your AstroBox from the Leases section and force that IP address to be static. Just make sure that the address that you’re assigning is not in the dynamic range noted above. (in the above example you could assign the AstroBox to but not (because 101 is in the dynamic assignment range).


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