How to connect astroprint desktop to wifi printers?

So we have 3 machines we just set up with astro print over wifi, and they work fine. but when we try use astroprint desktop and connect the wifi printers to it, it doesn’t see them. when i go to the connection settings it only looks for USB printers, rather than wifi printers.the printers and the desktop are both using the same wifi connection.

This is a known issue on the current desktop app :frowning: Next version will fix it.

Do you have an ETC for the next release?

@John_Willett, Not at the moment. We’re focused on delivering on this. As soon as it’s out this will be one of the first things we will tackle.

Understood. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Ok, it’s been 5 months. Any news on a date other than it’s in the pipeline?

As far as I can see on our tests. The current version of the desktop app has this fixed.

Still dosent work? How should I find it when “USB” is the only option under preferences?
Windows 10 / Mac OSX and Astrobox; all updated.

Has this been fixed yet. I just installed astrobox. Everything is working if I use astrobox.local, but the desktop app only shows a USB option if I click “connect your printer” in the upper right. Is this by design? The desktop app only being for USB connected printers and wifi use the web app??

If so then I’m all set, just want to make sure I understand everything.

Thanks so much!!

Yes somewhat confusing UI I see… You sill see the options when you click on PRINT, Connect is only for local connection via USB

Thank you for clarifying!! I appreciate all the help!! There are a few little confusing things but I’ll get used to it.

I’m still trying to sort out uploading. If I’m on my astro.local the files are stored locally, but if I’m on my astro cloud account they are stored on the cloud. But can I print off my local storage when I’m not on my local network or only off the cloud?? Things like this could be a little more clear. If I can only print from the cloud when I’m remote, maybe astro.local should have a pop up to ask if the upload is intended for local only printing.

Couple little things like that I just need to get used to. All in all I’m quite impressed. Considering ordering up a screen to add to the mix.