How to get the gcode for a Flashforge Creator pro; running astrobox

For troubleshooting purposes I want to get the gcode generated by your slicer for a Flashforge creator pro. I know that my printer only can use x3g files, but I presume your slicer (cura) first creates gcode then uses GPX to convert that to x3g. Since x3g is a binary I cannot use it for seeing what is being sent to my printer. Thanks.

It isn’t possible at the moment, the GCODE generation and translation to GPX is done internally and breaking that process would be too much work.

You can however temporarily change the “Print File Format” to GCODE under the advanced settings of you printer profile and re-slice with the same settings. That would give you the exact same GCODE file.

I presume you mean changing the setting in Settings->Profile->Driver? I have a choice of X3G-Sailfish/Makerbot firmware and Marlin firmware…If I select Marlin, that won’t change the Gcode for that printer variation? If that is indeed the same gcode, that will work perfectly.

No, that’s not what i meant. What you mention is the driver to communicate with the printer in the astrobox web UI.

What I’m taking about is the printer profile at which our cloud slicer uses to generate the print file

If I slice something with my account, would you be able to access your servers and send me the cura slicing profile (.ini file) and the gcode? I know I am asking a lot, but I am trying to print from cura to astroprint and am pulling my hair out…I think it is something wrong in one of those. thanks.
I have a design up there already that prints fine with astrobox directly, it is named button_ext_binary.stl, output being button_ext_binary-Qidi-Tech-1-PLA-custom.x3g

posting them here would be great…

We can’t do that, the actual ini file only lives for a brief period of time. However you can check the settings that were used to create any print file by clicking on the settings profile used.

Ok, I am looking at those settings and reproducing them on my cura app. The last tab on cura has an area for start.gcode, end.gcode, ect…I would expect those to not be created on the fly, but part of the cura configuration in a print profile on astroprint? Do you guys fill anything in there? thanks.

Yes that is under printer profile on Open advanced settings.