How to install AstroPrint without SD Image?


Hello everyone. Recently found out about AstroPrint and I’m very interested to try it out. I was wondering if it is possible or is there a simple way to install AstroPrint without the SD Card image installation route. I would like to use the RPi with other things as well, such as other IOT stuff etc. Is there a way to install it from the terminal or something like that? I am using DietPi and it would be great if that was possible. Thanks!

Bonus question: What is the difference between AstroPrint vs AstroBox?


We do not support installing the AstroBox software on an existing Raspbian. There are too many dependencies and it would be too much support work for us.

Your bonus Question:

AstroBox is software (and even a complete product) that acts as a 3D Printer Controller to connect the printer to the AstroPrint Cloud. Here’s more information:

AstroPrint is a) the name of our company and b) our complete software platform which includes, the AstroBox, mobile and desktop apps and a cloud service. This image describes it well: