How to tell if the box is connected to cloud

I successfully set up my box, but when i try to send a file to print it says that I don’t have a box connected to my account. So, if my printer says USB connected, and the box is powered on, what indicates that it is connected? Where from the dashboard can I “connect” to the cloud?


Click on the ROCKET ICON on the top right corner of your AstroBox Settings.

That will connect you to the cloud.

Once it worked, it will be GREEN.

All icons (like the screenshot above) on the top right should be GREEN.

thanks for response the other day… i guess what my issue is i cant connect to device, windows says my network settings are all good but that the device at is unresponsive… so i am unable to get to the screen image u posted to do anything. done a couple device power cycles and when i attach to monitor the last item on the screen seems to be asking for user name and password… any direction is appreciated.


1.) Does your Astrobox contain a WiFi dongle and it’s own hotspot? If so, you’ll need to connect to this (or be on the same WiFi network as the Astrobox) before going to OR http://astrobox-1234.local. This is the easiest method.

2.) If your Astrobox is connected via Ethernet, you’ll have to figure out it’s IP address somehow. Did you go through the setup process? If so let, you should already know the IP address. If not, try going into your router settings to see connected devices and you should see your Astrobox and it’s IP address.

We’re you a recent Kickstarter backer? If so, we released desktop and mobile apps for backers (in beta) that makes this process even easier as it will automatically find any Astroboxes that are connected to your network.

Also, please skim through this guide to make sure that your setup process is correct.

Let me know if that helps :slightly_smiling_face: