I can't change my astrobox name



I install astrobox in a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and it’s works fine, but I can’t change the name of the astrobox.
In the first step of the setup I get an error and it does not let me move forward, and from the network configuration menu it tells me that after reboot the name it will have changed and it does not change.

Help please!


A screenshot may help or just finish the setup with the default name and change it after.


Does not let me go to the next step of the setup if I change default name, and if I finish the setup when I want to change it, it says “after the reboot the name will change” but it does not change.


The screenshoot:



What is the problem exactly? when you reboot that name is not there? or you can’t reach the box using its new .local address after reboot?


when I reboot that name is not there!


Could you do this to send us logs so we can see what’s going on ?