I want the heat bed to stay on after print job finishes

I have not been able to find any override for the auto turn off that Astroprint does with the heat bed and nozzle.
I have to run 2 jobs and its a hassle to babysit the thing just because the heat bed turns off after every print job no matter what I set in the G-code.
Does anyone know how to make Astroprint follow the G-Code and not automatically turn things off?

@StevenCook, this is a security feature, taking it out would create problems for other people.

Figures as I have to watch the print job to reset it for the next print run.
I do not have dual nozzle so I have to run one color at a time and this security feature forces me to have to turn back on the bed right after the print job.
The G-code has the stops in it and it should be there.

I’m loving AstroPrint and AstroBox but it’s getting really old having to remember to push the preheat button so often, especially when doing a long series of quick test prints. If leaving it on would create problems for others and they aren’t able to turn it off in gcode, couldn’t this be an optional feature that such people would be unlikely to find?