I'm an idiot and need help


Installed my new Astrobox this morning. I can move all the printer axis, heat the nozzle, and extrude material. Added my printer to my account. Had video stream for a bit but that function no longer works as the Monkey says it ain’t there. Logitech C920. Baud is set at 112500 which is correct for my CR-10S. Used account dashboard to go to Thingyverse and download the hollow draudi doo dad. Am trying to print the Astrokey. Using Firefox too.

What am I not doing correctly?

I know I screwed something up and the answer is right there but I don’t know where to find it.




The box likely disconnected from the network, possibly it’s a a place with spotty internet? You could try to connect it using wired internet.


Spotty internet only gives limited function then? I can’t wire it because I’m in the garage. The box is in the garage and I get internet fine on my laptop not two feet away. I’ll try lifting it higher. Its all I can do at this time.




If the box can’t find reliable internet, it won’t be able to keep a connection to our servers.


I did some playing around and “think” I figured a few things out. So please correct me if I am wrong.

  1. Astroprint desktop needs to have the PC/ Laptop TETHERED to the printer.
  2. Need to go to my online dashboard to use Astroprint as wireless.
  3. Need to have the printer itself turned on to access anything through the smartphone app. Can’t use it to take a peek at what is going on in my garage when away. Kinda like a baby monitor.

Thanks for your patience,


  1. Not really. USB printing is one option but you can also send print jobs to a cloud-connected or local printer. The printer needs an AstroBox connected to it.

  2. That’s one way. You can also use the mobile app or the desktop app.

  3. Not quite the printer but the AstroBox yes.